9 Types of Promo Video and How to use Them

If you are reading this article, you probably know how powerful video is or at least have a sense of it for example sites which include video have on average 2 minutes longer visits than the sites without the video. 78% of people watch online videos every week, 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day [...]

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How to find any file by date in Windows 10

Welcome to my next Bvlog post. As I mention in my previous video I really needed to find my file which I didn't really remember where is it. Only the details I remember was the file type and time frame when I saved it. I already knew that in windows are really advance feature how [...]

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Live your life more self consciously with APP MindBell

I like one of the rules my friend is saying. "When something happens to you there is another 7 million people on the earth to which happen the same. Find a solution and you will help those 7 million people". So I decided to record this video, many times I just experienced to get driven to [...]

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App Review – Productivity Accelerator – Swipes

Main reason, why I decided to review this app is because I am it's user for around two years and I have to say that this app saved me really a lot of time. If you are self employed or have a business you probably work with your day plans on regular bases, so why [...]

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Video: Samsung Edge Screen App Panel for any Android Smartphone

After this video you will launch your apps even easier than users with Samsung Edge screen smartphones. Do you like Samsung Edge smartphone's screen app launcher? You can have it too on any Android Smartphone. Launch your apps fast and with a style, I using this launcher more than two years and have to say, that [...]

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