What defines the right logo shape

Vadio Rocks
  • Simple design makes the logo easily recognisable, memorable and makes it more versatile
  • Defined Shape is really important for logo usability in any form, this is especially important for future branding plans
  • Memorable logo design sales, this might be really handy during your marketing campaigns, customer usually buys on 8th contact with the brand
  • Timeless logo should endure the ages and if you have that type of the logo your company image will be as a steady market player
  • An effective logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications. When considering your final edits check how will your logo look:
    • on favicon 
    • printed in one colour
    • one colour printed on the size of a postage stamp
    • pressed into the leather
    • printed in reverse, light logo on a dark surface
    • printed in large format for example on a billboard

The way I work


I have contacted the company through their website to design unique style business cards. Communication was easy and professional. I am amazed at the results and I have received a small gift as well. I'll definitely use this service again. Cheers Michal

Michal TakacCarun.uk Managing Director

Now I have used Vadio.Rocks services many times for business card Design, posters, video and web design. The job was always done flawlessly on the high professional level. Wen I need web, poster, a video I know where to go.

Cosmin StoicaCosmin Fine Arts Owner

With Vadio is absolutely luxurious cooperation, I don't exaggerating because I ask him about design and the next day he is ready with the sketch or final design. He almost immediately captures exactly what you need with future minor edits so you don't experience any situations that you, for example, edit the same logo five times. I recommending Vadio to my clients and they are always excited about rapid work, perfect communication, reasonable price and hight standard results. If you need help with graphics, logos, web design with Vadio you can't go wrong.

Jakub JonasJakub Jonas Owner of project development

I was lucky to met Vadio personally in London and I have to say that all the process from first meeting to ready to print design delivery was absolutely smooth and fast. From the first meeting I knew, that I deal with professional, he is very intuitive and easily recognised what design suit me and my business. After this experience, I decided to ask him also about leaflet design and development of my website. All was delivered in great quality, so it's my pleasure to recommend him further.

Jakub GajzlerJakubGajzler.com Professional Photographer

Logo design work start's at £111

What is included:

  • Advice with colours and style

  • 3 Idea sketches

  • Step by step support

  • Final logo in multiple sizes and formats

    including final full-colour logo design, black version, white version, png file with transparent background, pdf vector file, favicon icon set in multiple sizes and more on request

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