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  • Looking for a business card, which will help you stand out from the crowd?

  • Are you looking for highly personalised Business Card designed by profesional?

  • Do you prefer super resistant material?

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Eye Catchy Design

The unique design and transparent PVC card is absolutely perfect match, which will give you a guarantee, that anyone who will have your card will most likely keep it and will later contact you.

Liquid Resistant

Doesn't matter, where is your meeting (mountains, beach, underwater..) Going through rain with business cards in pocket?.. No problem the cards will be still the same like new, all the problems with paper business cards like a folded corners are gone, so be ready anytime anywhere to share your contact in a style.

Designed Just For You

You can be sure that no one will have the same card like you. I designing the business cards to maximally suit your needs and style. Your company image and Your personality will help me to shape the final look. Just looking forward to make a new genuine business card for you.

Why should I choose your design?

  • Unforgettable Design

    Business card with only plain letters was good before few decades, but now is the time for interactive playful look of your cards to fully express your brand.
  • Design Ready to Print

    You will receive up to 5 working days your ready to print design on your email address in PDF file
  • Complete Service

    Vadio Rocks can cover all. Design & Print with delivery to your address
  • Request your design simply through your smartphone or PC

    You don't have to go anywhere personally, request your design simply by few clicks or taps, then pay and wait couple days for your ready to print design on your email or ready business cards delivered by courier.
  • Only the best quality

    I working only with the best materials and colors with perfect readability and look.
  • Personal recommendation from Vadio Rocks

    In case of your interest your digital business card can be added to the upcoming page between my other customers to give you an additional value and possibility to promote your business even more.

Size of the card

Exactly the same size like any other bank cards

A bit about me

I am passion about branding and graphic design and after tens of meetings I have to say I am kind of bored from the business cards people gave me, when someone gave me an original somehow different business card, then I remembered him easily and because of that I contacted him as a first.

The business card should express your personality and brand identity to get really written into the memories of the people who receive it.
So I said to myself, that I will change it and will show to people that business card doesn't have to be only the boring piece of paper with letters and numbers.

Since 2007 I was starting making wallpapers and APP themes for early smartphones, which was running on Symbian OS if you still remember. Then I was starting to be more and more interested about all around branding, so I was constantly improving my print design skills to first satisfy my friends. My best friend is DJ, so I was making for him every two weeks new poster.
People were starting to asking me If I can do for them business cards, member cards, leaflets, then also web design and Android/IOS App's User Interfaces + User Experience setup, so I just did it. I always love to watch their faces when they received my work. I really love nice feedback and it's power.

I like to make things different and original and always love to put into my work piece of me. I like futuristic clean minimalistic and creative style and I like to always think one step ahead.

Looking forward, who will be my next client, maybe you?..

Frequently Asked Questions

How much the only design cost?

There is currently ongoing discount, so you can have design only for £149.

What is the material of the business card?

It's transparent frosted plastic PVC like on pictures.

How long it takes to deliver only design?

Up to 5 working days.

How do I get only design delivered?

You will receive your design on your email in ready to print PDF file.

Can I order design and print together?

Yes you can, bellow are prices for different amounts of business cards.

How long It will take to deliver the business cards on my address?

Please allow me up to 20 days. Since your Business Cards will be sent, you will receive tracking number on your email to get the latest updates.

How big is the card?

Same size like a credit card.

Can you design also member cards?

Basically I can make any of your idea real.

Can I request print of my own design?

Yes, please contact me first by the contact for on the bottom of this page.

Am I limited to any particular color?

There are no limits, metallic colors like silver and gold are available too.

Are you able to cover request for all company employees?

Yes, we are normally welcome bulk orders, customization for each employee is a matter of course. 

You can begin your order with filling up the form on the bottom of the page.

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Couple of days ago I've been searching across the web for some unique types of business cards, in the process friend of my recommended me Vadio's design. I have contacted the company through them website. Communication was easy and professional. I am amazed with the results and I have received small gift as well. I'll definitely use this service again. Cheers Michal

Michal TakacManaging Director - Carun.uk - UK's first Hemp care store

I was lucky to met Vadio personally in London and I have to say that all the process from first meeting to ready to print design delivery was absolutely smooth and fast. From the first meeting I knew, that I deal with professional, he is very intuitive and easily recognized what design suit me and my business. After this experience I decided to ask him also about leaflet design and development of my website. All was delivered in great quality, so it's my pleasure to recommend him further.

Jakub GajzlerProfessional Photograph, jakubgajzler.com

I have requested from Vadio Business Card design which should represent my artistic skills. It was absolutely perfect cooperation mixing my illustrating and his graphic design skills what leaded to the very personal business card with piece of my art. Will definitely keep in touch with Vadio to make another promo materials.

Cosmin StoicaManaging Director, cosminsfinearts.com - Mural Paintings

How is the order process:

  • You begin your order by click on one of your favorite package and going through the order process (more details you provide easier and faster will be the next cooperation)
  • You don't have to be afraid that you will pay full price for something you didn't see.

          I work on basis 50% from the whole price before and 50% after design confirmation.

  • You will finish your order by completing the 50% payment.
  • After I receive your order I will contact you to get all the necessary details to make your new business card stand out
  • I will make the design and will send it to you to confirm the final look of it.
  • After you agree with the design I will send you the invoice to pay second half of the price
  • After I receive the payment, business cards will be printed
  • Ready business card will be sent by courier to your address
  • Hope I will make smile also on your face )

Choose Your Package

Today pay 50% and after you agree with the design pay the rest.

Design Only

  • Premium design
  • Ready for transparent card
  • Design ready to print
  • Delivered on your email



£199 £149

incl VAT

Starter Pack

  • Premium design
  • Print included
  • 250 Business Cards
  • Delivery included



£279 £249

incl VAT

Business Pack

  • Premium design
  • Print included
  • 500 Business Cards
  • Delivery included
  • Graphic Design on Email



£399 £289

incl VAT

Premium Pack

  • Premium design
  • Print included
  • 1000 Business Cards
  • Delivery included
  • Graphic Design on Email
  • Designed QR Code - vCard

 £499  £389

incl VAT

Solution for whole company

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