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Have you ever experienced, that you want to do even more during your work time, but you felt that you simply can’t?

That’s what I experienced many times when I’ve got planned my tasks for a whole day in my favourite app Swipepad (review here).

There are many factors that affect my mind and my complete overall feeling what I found later on. I will speak about it probably in one of my future vlog updates. But let’s get back to this particular app.

Even in the school, we had regular breaks. Now imagine, how focused you will be if you will study continuously without the regular breaks? Back then I thought easy..

If you are at university or working on some project or business you probably realise the same. The longer you study or work more is your focus and performance decreasing.

That’s happened to me many times, but in much deeper meaning, sometimes I found myself completely blocked after hours and hours of passionate highly focused work. After that, I just couldn’t do anything and felt like I just finish my rollercoaster ride. When you do something you really enjoy you just don’t perceive anything around, what is good, but like everywhere there needs to be some balance between your work and the break/free time when your mind can take a breath. And now I getting to the point it’s great if you can manage to continuously work for many hours, but it’s not good at all for your long-term performance, focus and mental health!

You just simply need to take a break, you might think from the start the same as me, it will be counterproductive because I going to spend my time by doing nothing, but in the end, it’s exactly the opposite you will manage to do more in a shorter time even with the breaks.

If you working in an office behind the desk, or you do anything similar the best you can do is just stand up, breathe deeply, realize your presence and if you can do some simple exercise do it, because you will increase your blood flow what will result in more oxygen flowing into your brain what will result increasing your brain performance and overall fresh feel.

So if you are in the position that you can plan your breaks this app will be definitely for you. Here is the short video to get an idea how the app works:

The app is based on Pomodoro technique developed by Francesco Cirillo.

The technique is based on cutting our working time into 25 minutes periods divided by short breaks with the results to keep us fresh with maximum performance for longer time periods.

What working style suits you best?

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