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I like one of the rules my friend is saying. “When something happens to you there is another 7 million people on the earth to which happen the same. Find a solution and you will help those 7 million people”.

So I decided to record this video, many times I just experienced to get driven to situations or places I actually didn’t want to be what I realised after. And that’s because I wasn’t at that crucial moment really present I was thinking about my next steps short term plans and so on.

This app MindBell is a fantastic tool which will bring you back to the presence when you should stop and think about yourself how are you feel right know, what are you doing, how are you doing it, are you stressed? During that presence moment just take a deep breath and try to feel and be self-aware of yourself and cut the life flow which driving you somewhere.

Watch more how to setup the app to help you in the video:

I believe this app will help you to make better decisions with more presence moments.


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