9 Types of promo video and how to use them

Vadio Rocks News • 27 June 2017

9 types of promo video

If you are reading this article, you probably know how powerful video is or at least have a sense of it for example sites which include video have on average 2 minutes longer visits than the sites without the video. 78% of people watch online videos every week, 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day and the numbers are still increasing. To get the maximum from your promo video below are 9 types of promo video and how to use them. 

But what type of the video should you choose for sharing your message? Let’s say you have a website with product or service and the sales are not as you expect. You are wondering what can help you jump up your sales, what is the powerful key formula to accelerate your sales? Honestly, the answer is not that simple and straightforward but one of the key elements is the right video, and it’s well-chosen type + good back setup of your video on youtube. What is exactly meant by the type?

Here are the 9 types of promo video:

2D Animation
3D Animation
Whiteboard video
Infographic video
Online(hangout) Interview
Pitch video
Stream video
Testimonial video

2D Animation

It’s popular between startups it’s simple and quite affordable when you do it well it can nicely share your message, but there is no big chance to get viral with this type of the video which is missing the personal approach.

This kind of the video is OK for established companies, to explain their new service or features in their app.

Here is an example:

3D Animation

This kind of the video is more costly but more engaging with the audience, and it can be done in kind of cartoon or very realistic look. It’s ideal for revealing a new product. Video in combination with email marketing is the killer tool. When marketers include their video into their email the increase of click-through is 200 – 300% and that’s a nice number when you think money.

If you have slightly deeper in your pocket, this one is of all the types of promo video excellent choice for revealing new products.

An example of that type of the video:

Whiteboard video

Cheap option to get your promo video done, a usually more annoying form of the video for the audience but accessible rally option of a promo video for startups. If you are too shy speak in front of the camera, this one is one of the options you can go for.

It’s easy way how to describe your service but not that good for showing off your products.

Suitable also for describing your ideas in different types of projects.

Out there are many online DIY services for really reasonable prices as:

Here is one example whiteboard video:

Infographic video

An easy and accessible way of creating your introductory video. Not really recommended to use it as your business promo video but if you are looking for a catchy way to share something you want to say or introduction of any of your ideas, this is a good option.

Out there are also many online DIY services for Infographic videos, some of them are same as for the whiteboard animations:

An example of infographic video:

Screencast video

If you are PC user with standard skills, you will be able to handle the screen recording tools mentioned below. This type of the video is right for software showcase, game YouTubers, software or web explanation and time lapse digital art creations.

You can create this kind of the video for free as the screen recording tools are free too:

There are also tools for smartphones:

An example of screencast video:

Online (hangout) interview video/ Webinar

If you are blogger or business looking to build his online audience this type of the video is one of the activities you should do on a regular basis in connection with programmatic marketing.

Everyone has some knowledge in the areas they work or do their hobbies. There is one helpful rule for those with any doubts about the interest of their knowledge. If you are interested in particular solution around the world, there is always 8 million people who will be interested about the same as you are.

If you create an interview with someone even more influential than you, it will help you to attract more viewers and will add value to your video. Imagine that 54% of senior executives share work relates videos with their colleagues at least once a week, that can bring some nice numbers to your videos when you include some value in it.

Hangout is a great place to start with the interviews; there are also a bunch of third-party services:

Here is the example of the webinar video:

Pitch video

Here is coming the real game changer. Regarding the video marketing, there is already proven that video on your website was dramatically improving your conversion and overall marketing performance but what you maybe don’t know is that it’s even more powerful when you step in front of the camera and let the visitors know you through the video. If you combine it with the regular live streams and webinars, people will start to feel that they know you. And the result is that they will buy rather from you than from your competitor just because of that.

The pitch video is a great start for startups with available recording in London or around. Write me for more details.

An example of the pitch video style:

Live stream

A live stream is a great option to engage with your audience on a regular basis, to maintain and improve the connection with current and potential customers. 55% of people watch online videos every day, and that’s one of the good reasons start today.

The live stream doesn’t cost you anything but still smartphone with higher resolution selfie-camera (at least 5Mpx), and in the best case, a good quality signal with 4G access is recommended. If you don’t have the 4G connection and good quality Selfie-Camera, the important thing is to start with what you have. People will still watch you can upgrade your hardware during the process.

Did you know that 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter?

Today you can choose from many social channels to start streaming your video:

Testimonial pitch

People often like to see other user’s feedbacks, their thoughts about their particular experiences with your product or service. This type of the video is great to include on your landing page to support the facts. With a spare budget, you can ask pitch production to record your real customers who are free to step up in front of the camera or you can ask for paid testimonials from Fiverr freelancers. This option is cheaper, maybe more interesting because you choose the people who record the testimonials from various locations across the globe but if you want real feedback for example on your product, it’s not that realistic.

A video is a today of the most powerful marketing tools 52% professionals worldwide name video as the best ROI tool.

If you know about other great tools, please share it with us below.

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