Edge Panel for any Android

Vadio Rocks News • 18 September 2016

Edge panel

After this video, you will launch your edge panel with your favourite apps even easier than Samsung users with their Edge screens:

Do you like Samsung Edge smartphone’s screen app launcher? You can have it too on any Android Smartphone.
Launch your apps fast and with style, I use this launcher more than two years and have to say, that this one works with easy customisable options.

What is even better, If you own Samsung ( Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S7 Edge, Note 7, S8 & S8+), you can use this App too for any edge of your screen (left, right, top, bottom it’s absolutely up to you).

If you are looking for the same setup as you can see on my smartphone, you will need the same effect under the finger the same icon pack.

Maybe you may like how to get even more productive by managing your tasks with ease thanks to the app Swipes in my other vlog post.

Get it on Play Store

Enjoy the APP launching.



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