Super simple Way to Manage Tasks


Vadio Rocks News • 18 October 2016


Manage Tasks

The main reason, why I am reviewing this app is because I am its user for around two years and I have to say that this app saved me a lot of time and effort. By its simple cross platform task management system.

If you are self-employed or have a business you probably work with your day plans on a regular basis, so why not use some simple tool, which is free to use and for android users with home screen widget.

Planning and finishing your daily tasks will be with this APP easy as one swipe across the screen. The similar also pays for another app SwipePad I recently revived.

Just watch my short review to get an idea how the app works:

Android APP

This APP review is based only on my experiences and sympathies and it’s not sponsored by the APP owners. 

Let’s manage more in our lives.


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