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Today is your lucky day if you met all the requirements I write about bellow. This is a unique possibility to promote your products or services. Asking why? If you are in the best case a developer of a mobile app/game or any other content focused on mobile device users than keep reading. I am the creator of successful google chrome themes and I decided to share my success with others like you because when I was starting a business I remember my feelings and need to spread the word about what I do.

So I decided to provide this unique opportunity to advertise through my unique theme Here & Everywhere. How?

When you install Here & Everywhere theme you will see the QR code in the bottom right corner, when you will scan it with the QR scanner in your smartphone you will be then transferred to Here & Everywhere Surprise page and there you will be able to download or try the service or product for free or with a minimum 30% discount.

And that’s what you can get. Promotion to Mobile users trying your app/game or any other product/service for the time of one week through the Google Chrome theme QR code.


To be accepted as an advertiser you need to meet these simple requirements:

  • Provide 30% discount or Free product/service during the promotion
  • Mobile friendly product/service site
  • Product/Service available globally
  • Have a FullHD promotional banner
  • Have a link, where users can access what you promoting

What you get:

  • 1 Week promotion on the surprise page Here & Everywhere (0:00h Monday – 23:30 Sunday)
  • Mobile users willing to try something new
  • Possible reach to more than 10K users
  • Promotion on LinkedIn with 1.5K followers
  • 131

Contact me

1 Filament Walk, London, SW18 4GQ, UK

Mobile: +447508419840