Project Description

Slide Full Brand Identity JR Nutrition Client came to me at the stage, when the project was just an idea.
We created together the name of the business, products and full brand identity.

Logo Design Idea When we came up with the business name the Logo design was the next step. Becuse of the focus on the drinks-liquids I went for the design which is most closely connected with the liquids and thats the drop. As you can see on the picture all aspects are created in the golden ratio sizes to guarantee the naturaly beautiful apperance. The drinks are related to the previous business JR Nutrition I created brand identity for. Therefore we went for the JR in middle of the drop. Created with Golden Ratio measuring Final Logo Design Thi idea behind the design was to create simple, clean and minimalistic yet memorable design.
The logo design is created in vector graphics giving the client option to use the logo in any size without loosing it's quality.
Final apperance
Business Card Design Design is created to represent the brand's fresh and modern style together with focus on liquids. Created in the branding flow Promo Video The request was to create modern and catchy promo video with direct message for what the JR Nutrition's main product can be used for. The length of the video is just 28 second what is enough to get the viewers attention. Rich and dynamic video with motion graphics See the full video >> close Advert design To secure the brand's success I have created numerous designs to develop brand image and increase the brand's awareness. Adverising designs for online and ofline promotion Rollup Design Rollup design for exhibitions representing the products, real feedbacks and interactive QR code which is possible reprogram by the owner needs. Featuring products, reviews and QR code E-commerce website JRnutrition website has implemented smart remarketing system with inteligent voucher code implementation to maximize the visitor satisfaction. There is also programatic marketing system imlemented for automatic communication with potential or real client. To increase the conversions there is also implemented review system by Yotpo which is able to operate in multiple languages. Interactive, SEO Optimised, Easy to maintain



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Graphic Designer London Wandsworth

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